Change the Android line to more than 5000 lines without root 🤗

Convert Android To Iphone‏
Android Launcher iOS 14
 1- Android Launcher iOS 13

Lock screen iOS 13
2- Lock screen iOS 13

Control Center iOS 13
 3- Control Center iOS 13

Touch assist iOS 13
  4 - Touch assist iOS 13

iNoty OS 11_‏ For iPhone
6 - X Home Bar - Free iOS 13

X Home Bar - Free iOS 13
5- iNoty iOS 11_‏ For iPhone

Convert Android To Iphone‏

To completely change Android to iPhone, you will need to download the following applications.

Convert any Android device to iPhone by issuing ios 13 for free without Root 2020 You can lock screen and notifications, touch assistance, IOS control center, X Home Bar – Free, iNoty OS 11, Launcher iOS 13 Transfer the Android system to iPhone 2020.
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تحويل ايموجي الاندرويد إلى ايفون باسهل طريقه بدون روت 👌🔥


6 steps for Convert Android To Iphone

You can now convert any Android device, iPad or tablet to iPhone, the method is very easy for everything you need, and you will find it here just follow the steps to change the entire system as you will follow the video .. Watch the fun.
Finally, the system for all Android devices has been changed to iPhone iOS 13 without completely rooting it.
• Launcher iOS 13 helps make Android phone simple and beautiful.
• Screen lock and iOS notifications easier to view and manage multiple notifications in
• The control center gives you instant access to the camera, all the time
• iNoty for OS 11 allocation system to notify UI over the phone from 8,8s pro
• Want to feel like you’ve got your last iPhone X or a broken home button replacement?
Learn about the steps to convert the Android system to the iPhone (iPhone iOS) in simple steps. The application is free, through which you will find everything you need to enjoy the most intelligent and secure iPhone iOS system. You no longer need to pay money for expensive applications while you can do it yourself.
I hope you like to share the app with family and friends. 🙂

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تحويل اي جهاز اندرويد الى ايفون باصدار ios 13 مجانا بدون روت 👌😍


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