Prepaid Visa to activate PayPal
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Prepaid Visa to activate PayPal

the visa only to activate the PayPal account

permanently and raise the limit for sending and

Visa Card to activate PayPal completely

🕖 The application delivery time ranges from 1 hour to 3 hours

The prepaid Visa card only to activate the PayPal account permanently and to raise the maximum limit for sending and receiving funds.
price is 25$

A special Visa card to activate PayPal

A special Visa card to activate PayPal immediately, where there is a balance of $ 3 to activate PayPal immediately and obtain the code after activation immediately. All electronic banks can be activated through this card, such as Skrill, Neteller and others …

About Paypal activation special visa

Electronic Visa cards for PayPal activation and others, you cannot use them on more than one account, and you will not be able to withdraw money from them. This visa is only for activating electronic banks. The visa period is 6 months.

We accept local currency as per the local exchange rate.

Card benefits

  • The card cannot be recharged as it is charged with a pre-paid balance for immediate consumption
  • The card is used for online purchases only and is accepted by many websites
  • The card is issued anonymously and you can put your name and surname when making purchases online.
  • Card movements and reports cannot be obtained, as they have a predetermined balance.
  • Real and official card charged with a previous credit.
  • The default card is no different from the traditional plastic card.
  • The card is ideal for shopping and purchasing online to determine expenses.
  • The card cannot be canceled or suspended if the customer so requests