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Pull Pins to win it games

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Pull Pins to win it games

  • Get the highest score. Upload the screenshot via the Send button, to get the points you got to be exchanged later for cash prizes or a gift card to choose from among a wide range of multi-use cards.
    Let’s go and hit the highest score.
  • Invest your fun time Play and win cash prizes Collect points to exchange for money or gift cards …

Pull Pins has finally arrived to Famobi! The tricky puzzle classic features unlimited levels with unlimited challenges and fun. Observe the levels carfully and plan your moves, to pull the pins in the right order. But watch out! Don’t let the bombs touch the bubbles! Jump in and solve all the awesome puzzles!

Features Pull Pins

  1. Pull Pins
  2. Skill
  3. Passage
  4. classic
  5. Suitable for all ages