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Tackle dangerous iPhone and iPad hacking

iPhone and iPad are the simplest solution to tackle serious hacking

iPhone and iPad are the simplest solution to tackle serious hacking

Experts at the information security company ZecOps have come to discover serious e-mail gaps in iPhone and iPad devices as attackers can infiltrate iPhone and iPad phones and seriously destroy user privacy.

And Apple expressed concern about its users after the specialized security company ZecOps discovered that the mail messages application has two serious gaps that allow hackers to penetrate any device on iOS 13 any user simply and unimpressively enough that the attacker or pirates send an empty email to work in the background The device is automatic, which will make the penetration devices movement noticeably slow, while hackers can read, modify and delete any message in the mail, withdraw the data of the iPhone and iPad devices completely, and scare the victims at any time.

The gaps that were discovered by the security experts in ZecOps are very dangerous and the experts of the security company confirmed that the newly used technology is practically undetectable. Symptoms of the breach will appear in a slight email failure and a very slow device, and the company indicated that the technology has been used since 2018 by an organization An unknown government spy on iPhone and iPad users. After tracking and investigation, the source of the attacks was discovered from several countries involved, which are North America, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and the Zionist entity.

But we can still simply avoid this serious problem

Apple is a patch that will be published soon with iOS 13.4.5, the next update. While waiting for these vulnerabilities to be filled effectively, to avoid any risks with specialists emphasizing uninstalling the Mail app from iPhone and iPad and using another email program, such as Gmail or Outlook.

With great care in mind, the front and back cameras are covered with custom products that preserve the appearance and elegance of the devices.

iPhone and iPad are the simplest solution to tackle serious hacking

Ostastron to use a thick sticker that obscures the vision and the second phase, and most importantly, to keep the private files encrypted to avoid any user falling victim to hackers and dissidents with an emphasis on closing all applications that run in the background of the phone once you finish using it.

By the end of this post, I will leave you with an application link with an explanation of how to use it to discover for yourself the seriousness of what we mean when we draw your attention to be careful and not underestimate taking such precautions and precautionary measures to remain as safe as possible.


Soon about the most dangerous spyware ever


The program is very important. You will be amazed when you explore it. Please use it cautiously, to your advantage, and never use it to harm anyone.

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