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Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!

Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!

Today, we will show you the best 8 Android apps available on all modern Android devices that you need most, including free and paid ones.
 Nova Launcher


In the beginning we will not put any launchers on this list, it seems that “Nova Launcher” extends beyond the usual launchers, it has been around for years but it has been constantly updated, and therefore was never a great option to replace the launcher, the application comes equipped with a set of Many features including the ability to backup and restore the main screen settings, you can also make your phone look like a “Pixel launcher” if you wish, of course some of the tools are free and if you wish you can buy some features.
Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!


The “Microsoft SwiftKey” keyboard is one of the strongest customizable external keyboards available, I entered the Play Store several years ago with a predictive engine unlike any other and the application has grown a lot over the years, the application you can get for free and you can buy features For him if you want to, it includes other features that are assigned to numbers, SwiftKey Flow, which allows writing with gestures, and the keyboard supports multiple languages, SwiftKey is the best keyboard app and when you download it, you will discover the amazing features in it.
Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!
SwiftKey App Link


“LastPass” application, which is one of the Android applications that you must have, the application is a password manager that allows you to save the login credentials in a safe way, moreover it can help you in creating almost impossible passwords to use in your accounts, is controlled in All with a master password, it has basic system support so you can use it on computers, mobile devices, tablets, or anything else. For this if you want to keep your password, LastPass is the best solution for you.
Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!


The “Bouncer” application was our best choice for Android, the Bouncer application is a security application with a unique premise which allows the application to grant temporary permissions to the applications, so for example you can allow the Facebook application to access your site long enough to register to reach a place, and Bouncer disables the permission Once you leave Facebook, this is a great way to use all the features of social media apps without looking into the settings to disable those permissions or give those apps permanent access to your information.
Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!

 Google Drive

The application “Google Drive” is a cloud storage solution available on Android phones where all new users get 15 GB free permanently when signing up, that what makes Google Drive very special is the set of Android applications linked to it, and it includes Google documents and Google data and Presentations from Google, Google Images, Gmail, Google Calendar, googke keep and many more, but this app is best for storing photos, videos, and documents in all categories.
Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free Google Drive

 Google Maps

The “Google Maps” application actually has the scene of navigation apps and remains one of the best Android applications ever, Google Maps gets frequent weekly updates almost, and it seems that it only adds to a list of new features, regardless of the basics, but Google Maps gives you access To places of interest, traffic data, and directions to things like stops or gas stations, and even it allows you to get offline maps!
Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!

 Google Assistant

This is one of the best and most powerful applications that also works on most Android devices, you only need to download the application and then enable it from the settings, you can ask the Google Assistant application with everything you want, it also supports a variety of orders a lot, you can control the lights and The question is about controlling the population and the like, and also it can solve simple math problems for you and much of this you can discover for yourself.
Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!


It can be said that “1Weather” is the best weather apps, this wonderful application is characterized by a simple design and it is divided into pages that show you the weather condition, and forecasts for up to 12 weeks, and the application enjoys radar and other fun features, besides that you will get a decent group To some extent, the tools are lightly customizable, and the app will also send you notifications about weather changes and about high and low temperatures …, and the best feature in this application is the simple and easy design that shows you the weather with accurate information.
Top 8 Android Apps Get it now for free!
Application link 1Weather