Android applications may be badly needed

Today, we will show you the best Android apps you may need most, working on all modern Android devices, all of which are free.

 Podcast Addict

The 9th application from the list of Android applications may be badly needed which is the “Podcast Addict” application is an excellent podcast application for podcast lovers that it features almost all the podcast that you can think of, in addition to that it contains a simple and effective user interface and a lot of organizational features and a lot of features Play and download, you can browse podcast files by environment or search for them individually, and you can also set the rules for downloads and create playlists easily.
Android applications may be badly needed
Android applications may be badly needed
Application link  Podcast Addict

 Pulse SMS

There are a lot of great SMS apps, however two stand above the rest and they are pulse and Android messaging, Pulse SMS application features many advantages which are support for GIF images, password-protected chat and blacklist of spam senders, And the application supports dual SIM card, the application is the basic Android messages to some extent, but it is simple and accomplish the tasks
Android applications may be badly needed
Android applications may be badly needed
Application link Pulse SMS

Solid Explorer

Browsing files is something everyone should do, so you can also do this using the Solid Explorer file browser, which is a wonderful application and is classified as the best application for exploring files. The application is characterized by a wonderful and easy design for phones and supports archives and supports the most common cloud services and even some Items used like “FTP”, “SFPT”, “WebDav”, and many others. You can discover this wonderful application when you try it.
Android applications may be badly needed
Android applications may be badly needed
Application link Solid Explorer



The “IFTTT” application, which is the alternative application to the “Tasker” application, which is the free version and has much better features than Tasker, and the two almost have the same pattern, but for those who do not know what is the IFTTT application and what is the benefit of it, we will explain to you about it a little, the application allows users By creating custom orders and then using them in different places there are many applications that support the IFTTT application, and you can use it and create your own orders, but the difference is that Tasker will be much more difficult to do this process, but the IFTTT application will shorten all this difficulty easily and simply to use .
Android applications may be badly needed
Application link IFTTT


“TickTick” application is not as common as the rest of the other task list applications but it may still be the best, and it covers the basics such as recurring tasks and reminders and push notifications and various organizational features, the application also allows you to share tasks and categories as a whole with other people, and this is what It makes it great for family use, and it is great for things like menus and various categories to remind you, the app is free and works on all Android devices.
Android applications may be badly needed
Application link TickTick

 YouTube Music

We don’t usually recommend music streaming services because everyone has their own preferences, but “YouTube Music” will get unlimited music from “YouTube” music with a lot of tracks that compete with “Spotify” and “Apple Music”, you can through the application YouTube Music Download and play songs and music without the need to connect to the Internet, and you can also enjoy the amazing and powerful sound quality of 8D quality.
Android applications may be badly needed
Application link YouTube Music


The latest application in today’s topic, which is one of the coolest and best applications for this year, this “Zedge” application is the application of backgrounds and ringtones and alert tones and all this and more than you can imagine, the application gives you an incredible number of customization options for the main parts of your phone, The Zedge app also recreates the different element during the holiday seasons, which makes it easy to customize your phone for Christmas, Halloween and other holidays, there are many and many wonderful and unique backgrounds as well as different and beautiful ring tones, the application is free for all Android devices.
Android applications may be badly needed!!
Application link Zedge
To here we come to the conclusion of today’s topic, we hope that you will get these wonderful applications, which we made sure to choose in order to benefit from them, that you like today’s topic, please do not forget to share it with your friends in appreciation of our effort 😊

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