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We offer a free antiques and collectibles appraisal service!

Buy antiques of all kinds, old pots, vases, copperware, books, old coins, silver, gold, watches, anything old.
We offer a currency and antiques appraisal service

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We buy statues and sculptures
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All you have to do is fill in the required fields to sell antiques or collectibles in the contact form with us, taking into account the detailed description of the item offered for sale in addition to the required price + a means of communication (email or WhatsApp phone number).
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We buy all kinds of old art paintings (oil and watercolor paintings) at the best price.
We buy old books and rare manuscripts at the best price.
We buy old and rare stamps of all kinds, souvenirs, photos and telegrams..
We buy old notes and coins, pay the highest price for rare coins.