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bubble tower 3d Play and win

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bubble tower 3d Play and win

Invest your fun time Play and win cash prizes Collect points to exchange for money or gift cards …

Bubble Tower 3D game is one of the most amazing fun arcade games that will enchant you with stunning colors and amazing Aztec settings 3D gameplay and a new breakthrough to test your abilities in observation accuracy and sniper dexterity in addition to testing your intelligence to test your ingenuity in escaping from siege!

How does 3D bubble tower work

  • Try to connect at least 3 bubbles of the same color to get to the top of the tower. There is not enough work happening? Try a devastating fireball and watch him do his magic, you’ll get it by watching the video.
  • Get the highest score. Upload the screenshot via the Send button, to get the points you got to be exchanged later for cash prizes or a gift card to choose from among a wide range of multi-use cards.
    Let’s go and hit the highest score.

Features 3D Bubble Tower

  1. Tower
  2. Skill
  3. Passage
  4. classic
  5. Immersive 3D
  6. Suitable for all ages