How do be the impossible challenge quiz

If you think that you have all the qualities that define a genius, then the impossible quiz below is perfect for you. The test is so impossible that getting all of them right may be a myth. If you believe in yourself, try it out and prove you are a diamond in a rough.

How do it be a challenge test?

  1. If you were bitten by a radioactive spider. What do you think would happen to you?
  2. Can humans fly without wings or airplanes?
  3. It’s Deadpool vs The Avengers. Who shall win?
  4. Can you answer this question? “What is the answer to the question if the question is the answer but the question can not be answered with this logic?”
  5. An angel comes down to Jack. She leaves him two choices, first, he can get his any two wishes fulfilled, second, he can have 5 billion dollars. Which one should Jack go for?
  6. Which option was the answer in question number 6 which was just one question before?
  7. What is Apple?
  8. If Jim’s father had 5 children, Tim, Neil, Sarah, and Mike, what was the name of the fifth child?


From the most amazing challenge quiz you will really learn How do quiz is the impossible challenge. We are waiting for you in the next test to live the most wonderful moments of self-testing !!