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Nintendo launches the cheapest switch!


Nintendo launches the cheapest switch!

Nintendo has officially unveiled its new device, 

“Nintendo Switch Lite”, which has a large battery, small size and a very cool design. Switch Lite is the mini version of “Nintendo Switch” and we will explain the specifications of this device ..

 Switch Lite specifications and features

The device comes with a screen size of 5.5 inches compared to 6.2 inches for the regular version and a little small size, the device supports the original Nintendo Switch system and you can play all games through Switch Lite, and the device also supports all the accessories that were available in the original device such as the hand External control and direct charging, and Nintendo confirmed that the battery of this particular version has undergone many improvements in order to be able to use the device for a long time, unlike the original version, and also this version will be 100% portable and therefore cannot be attached to the TV or disassemble the control hand On the platform, in addition to the device processor, which has been optimized in order to reduce heat emission from the ventilation fans, and thus it will be a good experience when using Switch Light, the company also announced that the charging time will be only three hours, and this is what makes Nintendo Switch light a distinctive device. Very, and it includes a storage space of 32 GB, and not forgetting the many wonderful colors such as yellow, gray and sky blue, as well as the special version of the device balloon game “Pokémon”.

 The cheapest and best Nintendo Switch Lite

Now we will get to the most important point, which is the price of the “Nintendo Switch Lite“, as the original copy was sold at $ 390, and the price of this copy was only $ 200! 

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