► iNoty For iOS 11 Style
iNoty For iOS 11 Style, You do not have to do anything else to upgrade Notification Bar of your android phone to iOS 11 like Phone 8 , just install iNoty iOS 11 then we will bring all iOS11 things to your phone 8

iNoty iOS 11_‏ For iPhone iOS 13 Convert Android To Iphone

Design of Phone 8S very beautiful , hight quality but simple , easy to use And iNotify sidebar is not out of this . iNoty bar show all information about you ( calender , time , weather , play music and control other application ) . With iNotify you can control everything very fast , check everything about your phone and you won’t regret using this iNoty

iNoty For OS 12 Style is the perfect combination of inoty (lock screen notification of OS11, ilauncher) and iControl (Control Panel OS11 theme phone). You will have the experience to be using OS11 with inoty

With iNoty os app, you will get the cool OS11 notifications center to make your android phone look like phone, notifications center will have theme phone

iNoty iOS 11_‏ For iPhone iOS 13

***** Phone 8 UI – iNoty OS 11 – Phone notifier *****

⊹ Display new inoty information ( title , description , icon, inoti events … )

⊹ Phone8 notification bar theme
⊹ Support Control Panel , Smart control OS 11
⊹ Setting what notification you want to show with iNoty os 11
⊹ Customize your own inoty os 11
⊹ Notification to OS 11
⊹ iNoty play music with service in windown manager
⊹ iNoty – inotify iOS 11 show tomorrow event to remind you of what to do tomorrow
⊹ Swipe down to open notification to check notify daily like phone 8 notifier
⊹ Phone 8 notification bar and status bar
⊹ Phone 8 notifier is easy to show today information and notifications information like OS 11
⊹ Touch to choose any info on the notification bar to show in full screen and open application
⊹ Very smooth application look like phone 8 theme
⊹ iNoty – inotify OS 11 support quick setting with Turn on/off wifi, mobile data, bluetooth, flash light, orientation, control panel, control center style OS 11 notification bar
⊹ OS 11 notification bar theme
⊹You can easily customize iNotify information on notification bar, you can change status bar color easily
⊹ Notifications center to show the notify you received like style OS 11
⊹ Custom notification bar with iNoty style OS 11
⊹ You can set Stylish Text with color change with different styles and phone notification bar theme
⊹ Phone 8 design notification settings
+ iNoty UI styles big
⊹ Fully smart Control Panel – Control center View
⊹ Show Battery percentage and networker style OS 11
⊹ Phone like settings ui for android
⊹ Phọne 8 notification panel : bluettooth, splash, wifi ..
⊹Show icon charging battery and time like phone 8
⊹ iNoty OS 11 – iNotify OS11 is an amazing and new styled notification style application
⊹ Show all control panel tools like bluetooth, carrier, signal strength and wifi signal like Phone 8s

iNoty iOS 11 | Convert Android To Iphone‏

► Phone Design – Experience iNoty – Phone Notifier
➣ Touch and swipe bottom from status bar
➣ Swipe right, left that show notification information
➣ Click notification item see detail inoty os 11
➣ iNoty clear all notification with notifications not importance

► Notification – Inoty Settings – Settings
➣ Turn on/off notify by access to admin permission of system android
➣ Change background inoty panel
➣ Custom color statusbar and show status bar style os 11
➣ Display menu phone setting, carrier’s signal strength, battery percent
➣ Notification to OS 11

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