Prepaid Visa To activate Facebook accounts


🕖 The application delivery time ranges from 3 hour to 5 hours

The card is not reloadable and is used for one time only. It is charged with money as desired by the buyer
The price of the card is $ 7 for amounts under $ 25
The price of the card is 12 for amounts over $ 25


Prepaid Visa To activate Facebook accounts

To shop and activate Facebook accounts

After completing the purchase order and confirming it by contacting us on WhatsApp to complete the payment of the required amount + transfer fees, complete by transfer via (Western Union (OMT) or cash payment in your presence in person after completing the payment process, we will send you the prepaid card information within a maximum time of three to five hours work hours.

You can use the Prepaid Visa card

* To pay subscriptions, shop on Facebook, and buy in-game
* Sponsored ads on Facebook to advertise your site, Facebook page or your brand.

How to buy Prepaid Visa To activate Facebook accounts

How to order a prepaid card online

  1. Choose the product you want to buy and click Add to Cart
  2. Choose your preferred payment method and finish the payment and click Continue.
  3. You will go to the Contact Us page via WhatsApp or direct phone call.

How to request a prepaid card via WhatsApp directly

  1. Send the page link
  2. The amount to be charged in the prepaid card
  3. If there is any inquiry, we are glad to help you

Method of delivery of the product

We will send the card information to your e-mail or via WhatsApp within an hour or more
For inquiries and information, please contact us through the Contact Us page

Please contact us through the contact us page


Additional information

Virtual Visa cards to activate PayPal accounts

Electronic Visa cards for PayPal activation and others, you cannot use them on more than one account, and you will not be able to withdraw money from them. This visa is only for activating electronic banks. The visa period is 6 months.

We accept local currency as per the local exchange rate.


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