Enjoy a safe and fast buying experience from global websites and online stores without complications. We buy anything you want from the Internet on your behalf.

Simply … send us links or pictures of products you want to buy from international websites or online stores that you trust.

Know the final cost of your purchases, including shipping fees and service fees, before contacting us and executing the purchase.

Pay for your purchases according to the method that suits you. We carry out the purchase process on your behalf via PayPal or credit cards.

Track the arrival of your shipment through the tracking number of your order. We will send it to you with the purchase invoice.

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We buy anything from the Internet for you, whether it is digital products such as books and accounts and purchases within electronic games, or if they are real products of goods and other things that we buy for you with your personal availability and on your personal responsibility from the site that you choose and trust, on a condition that supports payment via PayPal.

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We buy anything you want from the Internet

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Frequently asked questions

We can carry out secure purchases on your behalf from any website or store on the Internet, just provide us with links to the required products from any site you choose and trust.

5% service fee
Upon the arrival of some shipments, customs duties or taxes may be imposed depending on the type and value of the shipment .. and it will be collected by the shipping company.

Yes, we have shipping addresses in many countries and we can provide you with them. You can view them by clicking here – this will result in the arrival of your orders in two stages, to reach your home.

Yes, you can order from the websites of international and famous brands and any sites that support payment via PayPal.

Yes, you can, provided that the sites you choose to shop from support payment via PayPal, Perfect Money, MasterCard, and Visa.
Taking into account the commission difference, the commission may rise to 10% if the payment is via Visa or MasterCard, due to the fees that the bank imposes for each purchase.

Yes, we accept the local currency according to the local exchange rate.

By attending in person to complete the deal.
Or through:
1- You provide us with the products links + shipping address 2- We verify the site and calculate the cost 3- You transfer the amount to be executed 4- We provide you with an official invoice + shipment tracking number so that you can
Follow her until she reaches you 🙂

Yes, you can pay through the approved money transfer offices, taking into account the payment of transfer fees incurred on the value of the amount sent.

Did not find an answer ..? Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your inquiries 🙂

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We buy anything you want from the Internet

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