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Who announced the first iPhone?

How many units of the original iPhone were sold worldwide?

In the USA, the original iPhone could only use which cellular network?

How many megapixels were in the original iPhone camera?

Two people can make 2 bicycles in 2 hours. How many people are needed to make 12 bicycles in 6 hours?

What is the number that when you multiply it with the number that follows it, their product will be the same as its sum after adding the number 11 to it?

Two numbers, if you multiply them, their product will be 16, and if you add them, their product will be 17?

What is the question whose answer is different each time?

What must be broken before using it

How many types of spacecraft are there in the world?

In 1986 there was an explosion of one of the spacecraft, what is its name?

Atlantis 2  3 4 Colombia

What is Android's mascot's name?

Which of these Android version codenames does not belong here?

Which commercially available phone was the first to run Android?

What is the total number of space missions during the years 1981-2011?

What is the name of Google's wearable technology?

At Google I/O in 2014, how many activated phones ran Android over a 30-day period?

What is the total number of space missions during the years 1981-2011?

How many missions did the space shuttle Atlantis complete?

In what year was the first orbital test flight conducted?

About how many computer languages ​​are used?

What is the name of the series of spacecraft that was the reason for the launch of the name Enterprise, the first probe?

What were the first missions of the space program?


Which of the following was not a real space shuttle name?

Which of these parts of the shuttle is the expendable external ta

Question Image

Which of these is not one of the first "protocols" or ways to use the Internet?

What is the main idea of the space shuttle program?!


Introduced at Google I/O 2014, the Lollipop release is the successor to what release?

A network designed to allow communication within an organization is called:

What was Android's slogan from late 2014?
"Let's all be friends."

Which of these is not a peripheral, in computer terms?

Who founded Apple Computer?

What company developed the original iPhone?

In what month was the first iPhone announced?

Android had its initial release in what year?



What's infinity plus infinity?

Another name for supercomputer is:

A semester has 25 students, and 40% of them fail. Calculate the number of successful students in this semester?

What single digit appears most frequently between and including the numbers 1 and 1,000?

Which one of the 6 is least like the other four?

I am an odd number. Take a letter and become an equal. What is my number?

He has one eye, but he can't see?

Which of these is not an old computer?

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